Myco App Online Earning Watch Videos And Earn Money ( Affiliate Marketing Program )

Myco app is one of the that claims to provide rewards for watching simply videos. If you are want to earm money through watching videos then myco is one the best platform. Now i am telling in details about myco platform reality, i mean this app is genuine or fraudulent.

Myco app is one of the best earning platform in this app you will be able to earn money online through watches videos. if you are really interested for watching videos and then get earning so this application is very good for you.


now I am telling you about registration process so the registration process is so simple if you want to work on application. so first of all install the application after that if you click on the open button you can see a a Google account in your interface. if you click if you click on the Google account after that you will see a Google I mean Gmail account in the front of your mobile you click on the Gmail simply. if you click on the Gmail you can get registration with simple this click I mean if you click on the Gmail button its mean you completed the registration process for this is so simple for registration process you can use your Gmail through Google account.

This is so simple steps of registerstion through mobile. this is so easy if you have gmail account then follow these screen shot because this is very helpful for you. if you click on Continue With Google button then you see a different anterface here i show in the 2nd screen shot.

After click on continue with google you will see this type of look so simply click on gmail account there are already told you about choosing accounts to connect with Myco Mcontent platform.

Video Rewards

Now I’m going to tell you how you get free Rewards here and what you get from it. and how you get this reward and you get it just by watching a video by watching a video. If you find more then you can maximize your income by doing the same.

What you have to do to watch the video here is to click on the record section and you will click on it, you will see a lot of videos in front of you, click on any of the videos, then click on the video in its entirety. If you don’t see it then you won’t be given its keyboard click on the shot you can see it in full and after that you will get rewards.

When click on video and watch complete video after that i recived the rewards here you can see in the screen shot. i watch one video only and i get 87,500 from it instantly.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Now I’m going to tell you how you can increase your earnings through our flat program. It’s very easy here. First of all, when you create an account with us, after creating it, you go to your own section. And by clicking on it, you have to share this link on all your social media platforms, the more you share it, the more you will benefit and earn for it. If there is an increase then click on what is the delay and start making this referral commission or more on all other social media.

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As you will know that in every company there are many ways to earn money, there are many ways to earn money application, in which you can earn money by watching some videos and then get some extra rewards for free watching videos.

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